Rogue – Breezy hat

It’s cold and miserable outside today and my thoughts are back with a bit of winter sun and the rosy-glow of sunburnt cheeks. So it seems wholly appropriate to do a winter sun related review today and talk about the Rogue Breezy hat.

Just the thing for beachside G&Ts

Made from a heavyweight canvas on the brim and top of the hat, the Breezy gets its name from the widely-spaced mesh around it’s side band, which let through a brow-cooling breeze and let out all that sweat you’ll be creating as you perch in the sun.

It’s quite a stiff mesh, so the hat keeps its shape once you’ve uncrumpled it from your bag. The brim is fitted with a stiffener which gives it enough of a memory to stay in a loose shape, but not get too absurdly rumpled.

There’s a clever piece of leather inside the front of the peak, which I assume serves two purposes; to stick to your head so the hat is less likely to fall off, and to protect your forehead from sunburn. On that note, I should probably point out that this isn’t a good hat for bald people, since you’d get a burnt bonce.

The breezy is fitted with a drawsting chin strap which makes it ideal for faster moving activities like horse-riding and chasing down the beach after your copy of Grazia as it blows away.

Bright and breezy

Finally, to finish the hat off and give it a little style, you get a leather plaited headband and Rogue badge.

If you’re in to the African desert style of outdoors gear, which we often neglect in favour of more contemporary or country-style gear in the UK, then check out Rogue. All their gear is made in Africa and looks, smells and feels the part.

SUMMARY: If you like a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face, but want to feel a breeze through your hair, then give the Breezy a look. It won’t protect against rain or any of that British winter nonsense, but breaking one out for your winter sun holiday is a great idea. It’s very expensive for a cotton hat, but the flip side of that is that it feels bombproof in construction.

 Price: £27.50
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