Rite in the Rain – waterproof notebooks

Nothing too fancy for today’s review, but isn’t it sometimes the case that even the lowest-tech items can be the most useful.

I went travelling a few years ago and kept a diary as I went. It was a chunky paper diary which lived in a drybag, in my backpack, and only ever came out on buses or in hostels. I was paranoid about it getting wet and losing my record of what I’d done.

Fast forward to now, and I use a notebook outdoors a lot of the time when making notes for GearWeAre, but I’m not concerned about the weather because I use Rite in the Rain notepads which are totally waterproof, and behave just like normal paper.

In fact, they are normal paper and are fully recyclable as normal paper, but they have a special water-based coating which means that they don’t get soggy or stick together when they’re wet.

I use a pencil, which works best on the RitR notepads, but you can also use a waterproof pen if you so desire. The writing experience is normal, which is as it should be really.

Rite in the Rain produce notepads in many different sizes, and pre-marked with various things for writing, military, agricultural, sport and travel uses. They even do a pre-printed travel journal, which would have been just the thing I needed. If you’re planning a gap year, or going travelling and want to keep a diary that you don’t need to mollycoddle, have a look at Rite in the Rain.

SUMMARY: Waterproof paper which behaves just like normal paper. Worry-free journal keeping or note-taking for any environment, which is a simple premise, but an infinitely useful one. And to top it all, it’s environmentally friendly. Great product.

 Price: Varies depending on size
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