Review – Inov-8 Recolite 190 Shoes

“Stupid little hairy Hobbit feet”.
Muz isn’t keen on feet. In particular my feet, which he describes so eloquently.

We spent 10 days touring France on motorbikes a couple of weeks ago and after a day under sweaty leathers it was bliss to free my tortured tootsies in the evening. Until, that is, they were subjected to a torrent of abuse (and flicked beer bottle tops) from Muz. It was just as well then that I had the Inov-8 Recolite trainer/sandal thingies to keep them from his view.

Supremely comfy, cosy and cosseted by these superb lightweight shoes, my feet were safely stowed from the hail of detritus, but alas not from the sun. Why is it that I always forget to put sunscreen on my feet?
I now sport a unique pair of leopard-like-lower-limbs, which you’d be forgiven for avoiding both for their Hobbitness and their apparent contagiousness of skin disorder.

The materials used in the shoe, and the general construction are top-notch. There’s no sloppy gluing marks or uncomfortable internal stitching and the balance that Inov-8 has struck between strength/structure in the shoe and comfort/practicality is pretty much spot-on.

However, the soles of the Recolite 190 are thin. I did a very short run on a sharp stony path with the dog and it clearly wasn’t what these shoes were designed for. In fact, on checking Inov-8’s site I see that they recommend them for “post-race relaxing, hot conditions and travel”.

SUMMARY: My pieds-a-terror aside, the shoes are excellent. Lighter than a bottle of beer, comfier than a 4-star hotel and funkier than my sleeping bag after a week of touring. 5 Hammers!

Price £60

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