Regatta – Xert Performance Base Tee

There’s something about clothing with certain patterns on it which makes you feel like you should be exercising. Regatta’s Xert Performance Base Layers are examples of those and psychologically it sort of lifts your game over wearing a standard cotton Tee.

photo 2

Of course, it makes perfect sense to put a more breathable wicking mesh on the areas of the body which will get sweatiest first, and it’s this common sense which Regatta have played upon so well in a game of mind trickery with their funky looking Xert top. The patterns you see above aren’t actually a different material with more breathable properties but instead are a print on top of the base fabric to give the illusion of more breathability where it’s needed. But weirdly enough it works. I was completely convinced that these special zones were doing something magical until I took a much closer look. It’s a placebo Tee.

regatta-xert-teeThe base fabric of the Tee is a 100% polyester, which wicks away your sweat well and has a certain amount of anti-bacterial properties to stave off any bad smells that might grow on the armpits. The fabric is constructed in a fairly loose mesh which traps loads of air near your skin and perversely makes this summer-style exercise Tee quite a good choice for chilly evenings when it acts like a thermal layer.

Styling wise, with all those prints and sculpted white seams, the Xert top turns the normal man in to a bit of a hero. It’s not going to turn a beer-belly in to a 6-pack, but it does give the illusion of pulling love-handles in a bit.

photo 3

SUMMARY: I’m generally more a fan of cosier fabrics like wool, but the 100% polyester mesh in this top functions well to wick sweat away and dry off in the sun. It also acts quite well as a thermal top. Could, therefore be a decent investment for travelling

3-hammers Price: £16
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