Regatta – Star Games 3-in-1 Coat

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Regatta – Star Games 3-in-1 Coat

A few months back, we received a couple of coats from the folk over at GWA for our two daughters to test, first up is the Regatta Star Games 3-in-1 coat which was tested by Daisy, our 10 year old.


On first sight she instantly liked the maroon colour and she was delighted when she felt how soft the detachable fleece lining was, commenting, “…it feels really soft and snuggly warm!” The coat is a really good fit and the zip has been very easy for her to use, which can’t be said of every coat she’s had before.


The zippable pockets are very good too, keeping things in that would otherwise fall out and get lost as she charges about. With its built-in hood that folds away into the collar the coat has kept her bone dry in pouring rain and toasty warm on cold, frosty days. It’s long enough at the back to keep the draughts out and has enough length in the sleeves that she can tuck her hands inside for warmth without them being too long that they get in the way or bunch up around her wrists.

regatta 2

The only fault that has surfaced in the couple of months she’s been wearing the coat is with where the sleeves of the fleece attach to the inside of the outer shell. The fleece has elastic loops sewn onto the cuffs that attach to a button inside the sleeves of the outer shell. Unfortunately the loop on one sleeve of the fleece has snapped at the base where it’s sewn on. Not a huge problem to re-attach for anyone with half an idea of how to use a needle and thread but a little disappointing nonetheless. Because of their location, these loops are obviously going to be stressed areas, so perhaps a little more robust stitching or even an alternative method of attaching them might be worth considering by the manufacturer.

regatta detail

This breakage means that whenever Daisy takes the coat off, particularly when she has her school sweatshirt on which ‘grabs’ the fleece material more readily, the sleeve of the fleece slides right out of the coat, turning it inside out in the process. It then needs to be turned the right way round again before being placed back inside the coat which is a bit of a pain. It’s not the end of the world, admittedly, but with the impatience of children and the way they throw their stuff off when they get home from school it happens pretty much every time.

Having said that, as this is the only problem that has occurred on a coat worn almost every single day by a 10-year old for a few months then it is testament to a rather good product.

In summary, it’s a fantastic coat and Daisy absolutely loves it! For £65 we think it’s good value for a coat that’s really flexible – as per the name you get three coats in one: a warm fleece, a waterproof mac and, when it’s zipped together, a ‘snuggly warm’, fleece-lined winter jacket. We’ve recently spotted it on sale at £30, and that an absolute bargain for such a versatile jacket.

Daisy’s rating – 9½ out of 10, and it only lost the ½ mark for the problem with the cuff.

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Price: £65 (RRP)