Regatta – Geo Extol Zip-Off Trousers

Motorbike touring is all about the art of packing less and taking more. As such, my choice of trousers vs shorts for our recent trip around Europe was negated by the arrival of the Geo Extol trousers from Regatta which are really nice summer-weight zip-offs and give the best of both worlds.

regatta-geo-extol1Made from a mixture of polyamide and elastane, the Geo Extol are a hard-wearing and slightly crinkly fabric with a pleasing amount of stretch which feels good when you’re doing any form of exercise, or bending and stretching to pitch a tent after a day on the bike.

The material is treated with a water repellent which did a good job of stopping them soak up a short, sharp shower one day, but isn’t any match of kneeling on wet grass when the pressure will push any dampness through them

The Geo Extol seem to have a lot of thought put in to them by people who have travelled. Most noticeably there’s a hanging hook at the rear which keeps them safely off the floor of any shower block – an absolutely inspired addition in my book.

The zip-offs work well, with positive chunky zips and little Velcro tabs to hold things together whilst you’re aligning them. Fresh from the box the zips are fairly stiff and you get a swish-swish noise as you walk which is them rubbing together. A couple of washes and squishes in to a bag seem to sort this out and haven’t noticeably weakened the zip any amount.

There are zippered pockets for both hands, as well as one on your backside, and one on your right leg. Each zipper has a pull tag so they’re easy to grab with cold or wet hands, and the leg pocket is perfect for a phone.


The waist has belt loops and a button fastener with zipper fly. And if you’re not wearing a belt there’s an elasticated stretch panel in each side to allow for those larger lunches we all sometimes like to indulge in.

SUMMARY: The Geo Extol trousers feel great to walk around in and have survived a 2-week bike tour without the need for washing. The material is nicely stretchy and water resistant so they’re a good action pant, and the fit is comfortable on me. Really nice to wear.