Primus – Njord Stove

Small stoves can be a bit of a faff if you have to cook any semblance of a proper meal on them. We’ve managed in the past to whip up a sausage casserole with a Jetboil and a microstove, but it took hours and was a major hassle balancing pots and pans here and there. The Primus Njord is a solution for anyone who needs a very stable 2-burner stove which packs down fairly small and is lightweight to carry.

Featuring 2 full-size (and by that I mean will fit a proper pan) burner heads, the Njord folds out with two metal legs that snap in to place and keep it solid in even moderately gusty wind. The flames will blow out long before the stove falls over in any gale. And they’re strong, so there’s no worrying flex or shake when a heavy pan of water starts to boil away merrily.

The Njord has 2 burner heads, each of which is quite large and chucks out a whopping amount of heat. Primus state 2800 watts each and a boil time of 3 minutes for a litre of water. With my small, half-empty gas canister in a mild breeze it was decidedly longer than this… but that’s statistics for you.

On that note, the fairly universal fitting of the Njord stove means that you can connect different sizes of gas canister with ease. I tried it with one of Primus’s own small cartridges and a more generic alternative and both worked perfectly.

The only potential down side with the Njord is that it doesn’t come equipped with a self-igniter, leaving you to forage for a match or lighter, which to me seems a little bit of an oversight on something designed to take bigger, heavy pans because if your flame does go out it can be a pain getting a match back in to the burner.

The Njord packs down to about 475mm long by 210mm, so think something along the lines of half a skateboard. It is pretty lightweight and I’d say ideal for any trip where you’ll need lots of cooking ability but minimal weight – a festival perhaps.

SUMMARY: Primus’s Njord stove is stable, lightweight and packs down to a good size. It is big enough to cook a proper meal on it and takes different sized gas canisters*. However, it lacks a windshield or self-igniter which can be a pain in blustery weather.

 Price: £47.50 rrp
 More: Primus 

Note: There’s also a ‘Duo’ version which takes a wider selection of gas canisters for £55.