Primus – EtaPower Pot 1L

Some friends of ours have the most beautiful country-style kitchen with one of those enormous gas ranges that you could cook a meal for 20 on without running out of space. They team this up with a traditional non-electric kettle that sits on one of the gas rings so when you require a cup of tea it takes what seems like an eternity and several gallons of gas to heat up. It is hideously inefficient, but lovely to look at.

And that brings me to the Primus EtaPower Pot, which is designed to combat the hideous inefficiency when using gas to heat anything, and turn some of those pretty blue flames that send heat up the sides of your pot into actual heating power.

On the bottom of the EtaPower pot is a sturdy ribbon of metal fronds which catch the gas flame from your camping cooker (any brand of gas or multi-fuel cooker will work) and stops it escaping. This ‘heat-exchanger’ is exactly the same as is found in the Primus EtaSOLO stove or a Jetboil and despite not looking particularly fancy can increase cooking efficiency by 50%.

Think about that for a second. 50% efficiency increase over the lifetime of a camping pot is an immense amount of time and gas. The Primus EtaPower Pot’s price tag starts to look less scary and more of an investment when you put it in those terms.

The Pot is made from a hard aluminium material, and coated in a non-stick titanium to stop your sausages adhering like glue. The finish is a brushed gunmetal which looks gorgeous. I’d quite happilly keep mine in the Kitchen rather than the camp kit.

The main pot has a capacity of a litre (plus boiling room) and is fitted with a pair of fold-away rubber-coated handles which are very sturdy and pretty comfortable to use. The ‘lid’ of the Pot is actually a second pan which could be used for making scrambled eggs for one, or heating a portion of beans. It also works remarkably well as a lid, keeping that heating efficiency to a maximum.

The whole package is supplied with a mesh drawstring bag to protect the Pot, and weighs in at under 300g so it’d be a decent lightweight travel kit.

SUMMARY: It’s expensive for a camping pot, but looks great and if it can save you the stated 50% in efficiency costs over its lifetime then it could be one heck of an investment in fuel and time saving.

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