Primaloft – Gold Insulation Eco

Primaloft are well know for their range of synthetic insulation, simply known as black, silver and gold. To these they added already in 2006 PrimaLoft®Silver Insulation Eco, which uses 70% recycled content, made from waste plastic bottles and so on.

To this roster they have now added Gold Eco which has 55% recycled content which was launched due to a cooperation with Patagonia. The gold has slightly less recycled percentage so that performance is not compromised. It is currently being used exclusively by Patagonia in their Nano-puff collection which will be available in September.


The other thing that can sometimes get overlooked with the all the excitement over insulation developments is the fact that Primaloft also make yarn – now available in a Silver Eco version which has been used to great effect by Tierra in their Rista range of knitted beanies and jackets. We were particularly taken with the honeycomb pattern – which also shows off the recycled element of the thread which is visible in the centre of the shape.

primaloft yarn