Powertraveller – Powermonkey Expedition


Brand new, launched to industry today, the Powermonkey Expedition could be the world’s first device which allows you to charge your devices 24-hours a day.

The Powermonkey Expedition is a game changer. Make no mistake that this is a product which has had over two years of development and input from everyone as divrrse Rolls-Royce through to Sir Ranulph Fiennes.


A hard-core rugged aluminium body which houses a battery, has been created with a two stage dynamo on one end.


In its simplest and cheapest form the powermonkey expedition is available with a hand crank. This handcrank will create a charge to the battery in 10 minutes which is enough to power an iPhone 5s for up to 40 minutes. Having just had a little play with it I can tell you that the crank itself is extremely easy to turn and not something that would be difficult for anyone with limited mobility or very cold hands.


The Power monkey expedition is a modular device and is also supplied with a solar panel to charge it from the sun. This is a brand-new type of solar panel developed specifically for this product by power traveller and they claimed that the use of a new type of circuit allows it to charge effectively when tied to removing backpack or for instance in the lowlights of an exhibition hall. The solar panel itself which when folded is smaller than an ipad mini, kicks out an impressive 5 V and one amp of power.


The third way to charge up the Power monkey expedition is via an extremely interesting wind turbine. Truly something that allows you to charge the device in any weather the wind turbine simply clicks on to the end in place of the handcrank. A separate drive in the end allows the lesser torque of the wind to power the device .


The party piece of the Power monkey expedition is the fact that you can have this wind turbine operating at the same time as the solar panel is plugged into it so you are getting a charge from two methods and making the most of the environments that you are in.


And of course the battery can be charged from the mains so when you are at base camp or at home you can charge it before you leave again.





This thing looks like it’s built to take the worst beating one can imagine. Its waterproof shockproof cold proof and you can use it in pretty much any conditions.


If you’re an adventurer or planning long-term travel then the investment in something which allows you to charge anywhere could be what you need to consider.