Powerpax – Battery Holster

When I first saw the Powerpax battery holster, as a seldom user of spare batteries on the trail I dismissed it as a bit of a pointless gimmick. Now my needs have changed a little, and I’m rarely without a couple of torches and spare batteries, I see the need and have started using one of these in my own pack.

Moulded in a tough plastic, the Powerpax is designed so that you can slot in batteries to be held in place by a retaining tab. Both ends of each battery are protected to minimise the chance of them making a connection with anything.

The Powerpax is just about useable with one hand. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it is possible to extract a battery and place it in to a torch using one thumb, which could be handy on the trail if you’re holding your torch in the other hand.

The Powerpax I’ve gone for is a glow-in-the-dark model, which retains its glowiness for up to 8 hours after a soak in some sunlight. I reckon that’s a great idea for campsites and finding things in the bottom of bags. If you’re of the more subtle ilk, you can also get plain colours.

The one improvement I’d like to see is some way of attaching the Powerpax to things. I understand the need to reduce loose batteries floating around your pack, but then why not mould in a loop for attaching to velcro, a lash or some other way of fixing its location.

SUMMARY: If you need to carry batteries, and don’t want them hanging around loose in your pack, then have a look at this cheap solution to storage and carrying them securely. It’s not for everyone, but for those who do ‘get it’, it’s well made and tough.

 Price: £4 upwards
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  • yates

    nice. ideal for DSLR rechargeable batteries.

  • I’ve had a 9V battery get very hot in my pocket while being shorted with some keys, so I can see how this is a good idea.. but surely for the complete solution at least one terminal of all the bateries should be covered..? Throw that holster into a bag with some damp clothes and there’s every chance of a short.

  • Adi

    I work for the UK distributor. I find them so useful that I have quite a collection now. I have standardised all my battery powered equipment so they all take AA batteries. Torch, head torch, camera Kestrel weather station and satnav all take AA batteries so I just chuck a couple of AA Powerpax with spear batteries in my pack and I am sorted. At first I was worried thinking moisture would damage the batteries but I have actually found that the Powerpax allow the batteries to breath and dry out. And, if you are still worried about them getting wet then place them in a plastic bag. I even have a couple of different sized ones for batteries at home.