Polygeine – Anti-stink materials

Bit of a weird review, this one. We were sent some socks that you can’t actually buy in the shops, but which are made with a material treatment that you can find in many other products… so what we’re doing is talking about the material treatment, and not the socks themselves. Clear? Let’s hope so…


Sweat: Lovely stuff. Keeps the body temperature regulated and makes it look like we’re been super-heroic after climbing up a hill; all glisteny and damp of brow. But sweat brings on party time for the natural bacteria and other fauna which live harmlessly on our skin all the time, encouraging them to get down and dirty and multiply in their squillions to the point where they start to give off a heck of a pong. Much like when you stumble downstairs the morning after a house-party and are met with the unmistakable smell of spilt beer, crushed Pringles and gone-off cheese. B.O. is the skin’s equivalent of that aftermath.

But there are materials out there which can manage your sweat (by wicking), and contain ingredients which make the party atmosphere for bacteria much less inviting. In the case of Polygeine, that is a coating of silver chloride (aka Silver Salt).

Polygeine say that their Silver Salt treatment is harmless to you, and to the bacteria that live happilly on your skin and keep you healthy… but it stops your sweat becoming a breeding ground once its on the material of your clothes. How, exactly, this works is beyond me, but it’s one of those things you have to just trust in, I guess.

The treatment works for the life of the garment, even if it’s washed… And here’s the cool point. Because your gear won’t smell, and won’t be full of bacteria, you won’t have to wash it as often. This saves a huge amount of water and power over the life of the gear, and if you’re like me – in that the washing machine presents a baffling and alien device – it’ll save a large amount of time and effort too.

So, back to the socks themselves. They don’t smell, despite repeated wear and no washes. They’re low-ankle socks, so have been used in walking shoes (not boots) that are a little less sweaty, but the results are definitely encouraging.

So, we recommend Polygeine, and if you’re convinced by this review, keep any eye out for the ‘ODOR FREE’ orange tags on a range of gear available now – everything from bike helmets through to tee-shirts.