Polaroid – Venture P7000A sunglasses

A guest review by Vicky Fraser

Having had these sunnies thrust at me by a slightly drunk, hairy Muz while camping on Anglesey, I wore them on-and-off during our trip but didn’t pay them much attention, for there were motorbikes to be ridden and ice creams to be eaten.
But when I got back to work I wore my spanking new sunnies and went for my Wednesday lunchtime run…

But first the blurb.
The website says:
Vibrant mirrored lenses give these the edge.


The wraparound frames are sleek and dynamic and the red rubber ear fittings ensure a secure grip.
100% UV400 protection.

Now, my track record with sunglasses is not particularly distinguished. The only really decent pair I’ve ever owned (Animal sporty ones; très cool) I sat on during a panicked moment in Pembrokeshire when I realised the tide was rapidly coming in. These Polaroids bear a resemblance to the Animals, so I had high hopes for them.
The first thing that struck me was their weight; or rather their lack of it. I struggle to run without sounding like a 90-year-old on an iron lung as it is, so the last thing I needed was to lug an extra few ounces around with me. They are, in this respect, superb. I barely knew I was wearing them.
This meant that I could avoid dog muck with ease and poise, and without being dazzled by the bright sunshine. Dodging the loafing students was a little trickier though.


Because of their extremely lightweight design though, I did wonder if they would fly off my head. However the grip was impressive – I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was very little movement which can be a problem when running in sunnies, as if they move around too much I get dizzy.

There was very little glare from the polarised lenses. I’ve noticed before when running along the canal in bright sunshine that the reflection from the water can be worse than the sun; the Polaroid sunnies made it much easier. I did no squinting, and there was little glare or shine.
Bu there was a downside: I encountered a duck family, with 11 ducklings (this is not the downside). Although I could see them perfectly well through my sunnies, I failed to take a decent photograph of them because the polarisation of the lenses make it very difficult to see a mobile phone screen. Consequently the picture I took was pants.

Back to the physical aspect of the glasses: the angle of the arms is adjustable! It freaked me out the first time I took them off, because I thought my hamfistedness had broken them already. Turns out they’re like little ratchets, and allow you to adjust their fit on your face. This is useful if, like me, you have a freakishly small face.

Finally, on looking in the mirror when I returned, I realised with dismay that I looked like a total pillock in them. And when Muz wore them on holiday he looked disturbing… like Bono. This is NOT a good thing.

SUMMARY: These sunglasses enabled me to run without being dazzled, helped me to avoid brown-foot, allowed me to “coo” and “ahh” over tiny ducklings and weigh little more than Princess Beatrice’s dignity. However, I’m not sure I’d pay 55 of your finest English pounds for them.

Price: £55 (inc hard zippered case)
From: polaroidsunglasses.co.uk
More info: polaroidsunglasses.co.uk

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