Polaroid – Ascend P7009B sunglasses

A guest review by Joe Fraser

In my experience sunglasses come in two categories:
1. Really nice, really expensive and likely to last – think Ray-bans or Oakleys.
2. Cheap tat that comes from Boots for a tenner because you’re at an airport and you’ve forgotten to pack your proper glasses. After the holiday, if they last that long, you’ll put them in your car thinking they’ll come in handy at some point. They’ll rattle around for a while, you’ll use them occasionally, and sooner or later you’ll be relieved to find that you’ve sat on them and alas, they are no more.


These Polaroids seem to be aiming for the middle ground, priced at £55 from the website. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to love and cherish them or put them in one of the many places my car seems to have for such things.
The glasses themselves are quite chunky, and feel fairly solidly built. The arms are coated in a rubbery plastic that grips well, and hopefully prevents the brainache that cheaper glasses can induce. The lenses are a fairly colour-neutral light tint, but being polarised, they do cut down on glare and shine well.
There’s also a removable padded err… thing… that clips around the inside of the lenses, between the frame and your face. This might be useful if you’re wearing them for a bit of light skiing or if you’re the sort who gets punched in the face often, but in normal wear it just adds weight and makes the glasses a bit warm to wear.



If this review seems a little lukewarm, I have come to the realisation that while these sunglasses don’t really tickle my pickle, I have just worn them for over a week straight, while on holiday, driving, walking, putting up tents, mending Volkwagens etc. and have absolutely no qualms whatsoever. They’re light enough (once you’ve taken the cushions out), give good glare reduction, fit well, and they didn’t start to hurt after several hours unlike some other headsqueeze sunglasses I’ve had.

Accessories: The case is a fairly large standard black zip-up affair, with no hinges to bend. I rate it as capable defence against five sit-ons of a 12 stone bloke. Would be better if it had an internal cushioned cut-out for the frame to live in, but then it’d be a non-standard case and cost five times as much.
And the polishing cloth is aaaaamaaaaazing! Okay, it’s not. it’s a black soft lens polishing cloth. The type that comes with every pair of glasses, ever.

SUMMARY: I quite like them, and they’re very competently-built sunglasses, but probably not enough to pay £55 for them.

Price: £55
om:  polaroidsunglasses.co.uk
More info: polaroidsunglasses.co.uk

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  • It was the weird foam padding stuff that caught my eye about these when you wore them during our Welsh camping extravaganza, but like you i couldn’t really see the point..other than a talking point.

    If you ski like me they’ll spend most of their time being retrieved from the slopes and thus rendering the padding useless.

    They look pretty cool though and if your budget wouldn’t stretch to Oakleys these would pass the poser test!

  • moosetime

    These are good sunglasses.

  • Lisa Day

    They really suit you and it’s a bonus that they don’t hurt after a while so many sunglasses seem to dig in.It’s great to know these ones won’t do that.