Polarmond – combined tent, sleeping bag, shelter


This is something a bit unique from Swiss brand Polarmond. In fact, it just won an Outdoor Industry award due to its uniqueness.

It is a three part sleeping shelter which creates a sort of insulated bivvy around you (the blue part) which has a soft, sleeping bag style mouth to snuggle down in to, or cover you up when needed.

The idea is that your body heat warms the air in the insulated part and keeps you snug, but not too warm (or cold). And its fully waterproof (not breathable). Moisture is managed out of the bivvy by a zipper opening at the head end.


The orange  parts come in two sizes and give either a rainproof head space, or a slightly larger gear space (shown above).

The whole lot packs down in to bags which are roughly comparable to a separate tent, bag and mattress.

It’ll be interesting to see how this develops.

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  • Brian Whetstine

    I love the size and shape of this tent and the 3-in 1 idea. I would like to try this product, where can I purchase one ?