Platypus – 1L Soft Bottle

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Platypus – 1L Soft Bottle

For when your hydration system fluid container (that’s water bottle to you and me) has been found six months after you really meant to wash out that sugary drink, but you chose to collapse on the sofa instead.


We’ve all done it. You fill up your water bottle and it tastes horrid. You forgot to rinse it after the last use, and now you come to look closely, what *are* all those little floaty things in there?

Once you finished retching, and given up trying to clean out your container, you’ll be needing a new one.
This one on test is from platypus, and it’s designed to be a replacement for many of the systems that go in your rucksack and have a bite tube supplying you while you’re on the go.

It holds one litre, fills easily, will stand up on its base, and importantly, has strong seams. I’ve sat on it, dropped rucksacks onto it, even stood on it, and there’s not even a hint that it might burst. Them’s strong seams.

There’s not an awful lot to say about it really. The only thing I wasn’t particularly keen on was the screwcap that you use if you don’t fit a tube to it. It’s not particularly convincing, and it seems to me like the lid should screw on another half turn. Having said that, it all worked admirably for the test.

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