Paramo – Fleece + Windproof = Waterproof Combination

The clever tech bods over at Paramo have come up with a rather simple looking, but innovative layering system involving a stretchy warm soft fleece and a lightweight windproof, that when worn together will provide you with full waterproof protection. read that correctly – full waterproof protection!


Available for both men and women – Bora for the chaps, and Zonda for the women. Both systems work the same way – worn individually, both the Paramo fleece and windproof will provide you with water repellency, courtesy of sister company NikWax textiles which will protect you from a shower. The fleece is very soft to the touch and will offer you a cosy, insulating layer. The windproof worn on it’s own will of course protect you from Mr Wind alongside a light shower whilst offering you a good level of breathability. Pop the two together and you have the protective power for a full soaking, equivalent to a Paramo Analogy fabric. Sounds bonkers, possibly implausible – but here at GWA HQ, we were struck with the versatility of this system and also how good it looks.

The windproof is really lightweight (172g for the women’s & 197g mens) it squishes down small enough to be tucked into the pocket of the fleece meaning it’s super easy to carry with you at all times, making it super accessible should the weather suddenly change. The windproof also has front vents which allows your hands access to the pockets of the fleece and also adds some temperature control.

paramo zonda

As mentioned the ladies version is called the Paramo Zonda and is available in ‘Pink Clover’ – that’s a purple to you and me and also ‘Neon Blue’. Alongside the vents it also has a small chest pocket, handy for your phone and keys.

For the chaps they have the Paramo Bora which is available in ‘Reef Blue’ and a fetching ‘Peapod Green’. The mens version has more mountain styling with a smock style for the windproof, which features a larger front pocket alongside the front vents.

paramo bora


GearWeAre are looking forward to popping this to test, and will of course ensure we get a good soaking to fully test out the efficiency of the system!

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Price: Zonda Fleece £90 / Windproof £75/  Combo: £155

Bora Fleece £100 / Windproof £90 / Combo: £165


  • James

    Looks pretty good! Pricing seems lower than the usual for Paramo too?