Pacsafe – Metrosafe 100 Anti-theft bag

If you’ve ever had a bag, phone, purse or wallet stolen you’ll know that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realise your personal space has been invaded without you knowing.

It’s said that most bag-snatches are opportunistic and very rarely do nefarious types wear stripey jumpers and eyemasks, so they’re pretty difficult to spot. If you want to avoid becoming the victim of opportunity you need to minimise your risk, and that’s where Pacsafe come in.

Pacsafe manufacture a wide range of bags for travellers and commuters which feature clever little touches to ward off straying fingers, prying eyes and even slashing knives. Their Metrosafe 100 is a shoulderbag cum waistpack (it can be worn as either) which is sized to store everyday essentials like wallets, glasses, phones and iPods.

What makes the Metrosafe so clever is that it contains a wire mesh inside the fabric, which means that anyone trying to cut through the bag, or the strap, is going to need more than a knife to get any result. You can just about feel the wire through the bag and it’s pretty sturdy stuff, but is well padded enough that it doesn’t make things uncomfy.

Other little features on the Metrosafe are neat metal clips to which you can lock-down all of the zips and straps, making sure that pockets can’t be got into on the sly, and a nice strong metal clip so you can use the shoulderstrap to anchor the bag to a table or chair.

Inside the bag is a useful set of fabric dividers for phones, pens and passports, and a large central pocket for everything else. There’s also an outside pocket for those who like to obsessively organise everything.

SUMMARY: The Metrosafe 100 is a compact, neat and extremely well made little bag which provides a level of security against opportunist thieves. It’s subtle styling doesn’t draw too much attention, and the metal wiring is well covered so it’s not uncomfortable. Useful dividers inside keep everything in its place, and lockable zips keep prying eyes and hands out. It won’t protect you from someone mugging you, but it should give pickpockets a run for their money.

From: Cotswold Outdoors
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