Outwell – Kitchen Store

We live in a very small house. In fact, Outwell make some tents which have a larger floor plan than our house. But, we have a lot of stuff in our small house, so it’s important that everything has a place and more importantly that Yours Truly puts things back in “their place” so the Wife knows where they are without having to crawl through cupboards and get annoyed.

Until recently our camping cookware and utensils had “places” distributed through drawers, cupboards and bags everywhere from the shed to the loft and we always, always forgot something important (usually pans) when we ventured off camping. So when the Outwell Kitchen Store arrived it immediately became “the place” where we keep all our camping food-related stuff. And the wife is happy.

Scarily organised camping gear

Comprising of a reinforced fabric (like a thick backpack material with cardboard inserts) box about 2ft x 1ft x 1ft and divided into three main compartments, the Kitchen Store is plenty big enough to house plates, bowls, cups, small stove and gas to cook for 4 people, or without the stove enough for maybe 8 people. It has external pockets all round for pretty much anything you care to pack from beer cooler to sausage tongs. We find new uses for these every trip.

Nestled into one of the internal compartments is a removable, waterproof bag. We’ve used this for storing refrigerated food, but it can also be used as a washing-up bowl, which is awesome. And there’s also a removable case for cutlery, so you don’t have to delve around for a knife and stab your hand.

The whole lot seals up with a chunky zippered lid and is finished with duffel-bag style carrying handles.

SUMMARY: The Outwell Kitchen Store is a car-camping product which has made the Wife very happy, and thus I love it. Everything has its place and it’s a pocket-fetishist’s dream. The integral washing-up bowl is a brilliant touch, and the use of rugged materials and chunky zips mean that it’ll take years of campsite abuse. The only downside is that a diffuse collection of cookwear and utensils is now housed in one place and it’s too big to fit in any of my cupboards at home. If they did a modular version I’d LOVE it.

 Price: £49.99rrp
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