Outwell – Comfort Chair

The wife has a small hobby business making craftwares which keeps her busy enough that my running of GearWeAre doesn’t cause a major rift. She can sit for hours cutting and shaping fabrics and time just seems to fly by. Which is exactly what it did one weekend last summer, where due to an urgent order of bunting she was forced to sit for an entire sunny day sewing in the Outwell Comfort Chair.

Good for the posture – if you want it to be…

Weighing in at a hefty 4.5kg, and packing down to the size of something rather large, this chair is definitely one for car-camping, and not so suitable for anything involving long-range carrying. It’s easy to mistake it for a 2/3-man tent when it’s packed into its bag.

Or slouch.

However, your carrying and petrol consumption will be rewarded by unfurling a chair which looks so comfy that, should you stand up to get another beer, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll come back to someone sat in your place, offering you the chance to “experience” their lesser chair for a while.

With very substantial steel frame and hefty plastic brackets, the Comfort Chair doesn’t look or feel like it would go the way of many camping chairs and bend like a pretzel as you try to lift yourself out of it. In fact, it’s weight-rated to 120kg, so you CAN eat that last sausage and not risk collapsing the chair and ending in a heap.

A tough, padded polyester (quick drying) cover is shaped into a rather snug conical form which encourages you, despite its relaxing looks, to keep a good posture and this helps enormously at keeping you comfortable for long periods.

I found that the bar which forms the edge of the round section pressed into the underside of my thighs, but The Wife and her friend disagreed with me, saying that they didn’t suffer the same way at all.

Available in a range of colours to match Outwell’s tents and accessories – but the black one will go with anything, should you feel the need to be coordinated in colour with other brands.

At £42 it isn’t a cheap chair, but then it clearly isn’t a cheaply made chair, or one that would give up the ghost quickly. In fact, if we had the black one, I’d seriously consider using it as an every-day lounge chair at home, as well as for camping.

SUMMARY: A chunky, comfy chair for car camping which would serve well for use at home in the garden as well as a summer-long vacation. The Wife finds it incredibly comfortable, but me less-so. Heavy and bulky, so not for carrying very far, but built to last.

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