Outwell – Cimelia Single Mattress

If you suffer like the proverbial Princess and the Pea and the thought of camping on an airbed fills you with dread, then we may have found your perfect home-from-home camping mattress. I’d go as far as to say that this thing is more comfortable than my actual bed at home, it’s so snuggly.


What makes it so much more of a good night’s sleeper than an ordinary mattress is that the Cimelia combines the best of camping tech, with the best of home-mattress tech and gives you a bed that comforms to uneven ground, insulates you from the cold and hugs your body like a hotel bed.

The construction starts with a ‘traditional’ self-inflating mattress – in fact, Outwell have used their popular Dreamcatcher mattress which has the familiar twist valve at one corner and is plenty big enough for a side-sleeper like me.

On top of that mattress Outwell have supplied a removable (like an elasticated fitted sheet) microfibre cover that feels like cotton and is plenty comfortable direct against the skin. But, housed within this microfibre cover is its party-piece; a thick memory-foam slab which melts to comform to your body shape and provide that unrivalled comfort.


Because that microfibre cover is so comfy, and invites you to sleep directly on it, it’s removable and washable. It separates from the memory-foam via a simple zipper. And if you need to, of course the self-inflating mattress is usable on its own. In fact, that’s a good point because the Cimelia set up is heavy – too heavy to be anything other than a car-camping setup at around 4kg, and it comes in a case which is too big to go on a plane as hand-luggage. But, with the adaptability of just having the self-inflater, you get a bit more of an option for practicality when you don’t need the full memory-foam experience.

That said, if you don’t take the topper, you’ll miss it because it spoils you rotten and camping won’t ever be the same again. Be warned!