Outwell – Chef Cooker Premium 2 Burner Stove

Some things go together so incredibly well that it can cause physical pain just to imagine them ever being apart: The French and cheese. Torvill and Dean. Cinemas and popcorn. And of course camping and sausages.

You could forget your sleeping bag. You could misplace your bottle opener and you could lose your socks, but if you go camping without sausages you may as well pack up and go home. It just won’t work.

So, praise be to Outwell who have obviously employed some proper blokes to design this stove, and proportioned it with a 70/30 ratio of sausage-cooking grill space to lentil warming pan space.

Breakfast for one!

This is a proper blokey gas stove for those occasions when you find yourself in a camp site that doesn’t allow a real fire (I know, it’s weird but they do exist) and still need at least 4 morning Cumberlands in order to shake off the night before. And as long as there are no vegetarians crawling out of the woodwork to hog the pan burner, you can simultaneously boil up a nice cuppa. Genius.

Running off a ‘proper’ sized gas bottle, this stove requires a gas hose to be fitted before it will light up. But, once connected, the process of creating sausage-giving heat is an easy one. Two sturdy control wheels dictate how much gas comes through, and a very positive and effective starter button means you don’t need to risk singed knuckles and use your last match.

The pot burner is a large affair, which is a little too big for milk pans, but kicks out one hell of a heat for boiling up water. Outwell rate it at 1900w, which is significant. The bars over the burner are sturdy and pans won’t rock.

The Grill, when new...

The grill comprises a long hollow bar with multiple holes through which gas flows pretty evenly across the grill.  The non-stick grill pan works brilliantly to stop meat-stuffs binding, and once you’re familiar with the fact that the middle gets hotter than the edges, it’s a cinch to cook on.

I love this stove, despite the fact that it’s humungous and you need to cart around a gas bottle with it. It’s a car-camping stove for sure, but gives you a sense of luxury about your scoff.

I’d give it top marks, but The Wife has barred me from doing so, reminding me that it is “an absolute bugger” to clean. And I’m afraid she’s right. The grill pan is simple enough to clean if you have access to warm, soapy water. The stove itself is much, much harder due to its size, and the fact that you will have been coating it in enough animal fat to insulate a walrus. Our stove is a permanant state of charred remnants despite vigourous brushing.

SUMMARY: The Outwell Chef Cooker Premium 2 Burner Stove is a godsend for grilling things that would stick to a pan or otherwise need barbequeing. It also allows an easily boiled kettle, and works well on windy days. It’s very sturdy and well made, but a bit of a sod to clean.

 Price: £75
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