OLight – Intimidator 2200 Lumen Torch

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OLight – Intimidator 2200 Lumen Torch

What do you want? The Moon on a stick!?
Er, well, now you can have it.

The very, very weighty OLight (1.6kg, which is about as much as my leg!) feels like it was carved by large machines from a solid lump of steel and then used to capture a little bit of a full moon, such is the intensity of its beam.

2200 Lumens: Pretty meaningless to the layman, but the spotlight on an American Police car will chuck out about 800 Lumens, and a halogen car headlight will be around 1200 Lumens. Yes indeedy, this torch is bright.

You get 70 minutes from a full charge when you use the torch of full-beam, and this increases to a stated 6-hours on low-beam (a mere 700 lumens, which is still bright enough to melt the eyes off a Gnu). It also has a strobe mode, which is probably good for inducing fits in passing aeroplane passengers.

The torch is rated as IP68, which means it can go underwater, should you wish to fry a halibut in its beam.

And now for the downsides:
1) It’s £315.
2) Olight doesn’t appear to have a UK/US distributor, so if it goes wrong your retailer (or you) will be dealing direct with China. (I may be wrong on this).
3) It’s still £315.

SUMMARY: Should you need an extremely heavy, extremely rugged torch which is bright enough to completely blind anyone caught in its beam and shrivel up plant-life, then this bad-boy is for you. If you need to look at things close up, forget it – it’s too bright and you’ll blind yourself in its reflected glare. WAY too heavy for most people – it makes a Maglite feel like a feather. And it’s very, very expensive (which is why it’s marked so low). But, if you like people stopping in their tracks to have a look at your torch and money’s no object, take a look.

Price: £315
From: LEDFireTorches

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