Niteize – SpokeLit (bike light)

SpokeLit just pushes between spokes

Hot on the heels of our BikeLit review comes another thing of awesomeness from Niteize, and this time they appear to have been under the influence of a little Disco Fever. The SpokeLit is like the lovechild of Spokey-Dokeys and Tron, and is such a simple-to-use little device that I reckon it’d be perfect for kids as a less ‘because I told you so’ way of lighting up at night.

Made from a tough, yet slightly flexible rubberised plastic, the SpokeLit just slides up between 3 spokes on your bike wheel (compatible with differently spaced spokes) and, er, that’s it.

I was sent a ‘Disc-o’ version, which changes colour every couple of seconds, and as you ride along with the SpokeLit making a ring of light, people stop in the street to look at you. Kind of handy if those people were about to run you over. Less so if they’ve already stepped off the kerb in front of you… but hey ho.

Tron, anyone?

Turning on the SpokeLit is as easy as squeezing it, and if you’re not keen on the Disco thing, then individual colours are available.

With the central LED being covered in a rubberised dome, the SpokeLit looks pretty waterproof to me, and with a battery length of 20 hours it’s pretty economical too.

SUMMARY: The SpokeLit is good fun, and I reckon ideal for kids’ bikes in particular. It’s very easy to use, rugged and cheap to run. No tools are needed to fit it. At £8 each they’re a good deal, but having found them for as little as £4 online, they’re a stonking deal.

Price: £8rrp, from £4 online
From: Google Shopping

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  • DebtMan

    A king size Mars Bar for the first pic of a GS rider with them fitted 😀

  • Tom

    These look so good I almost want the summer to be over so that I can ride to and from work in the dark again. Almost.

    Will definitely be getting a pair of the disco version.