NiteIze – Gear Ties

Strings, bungees, duct tape and ratchet straps have all been used to hold stuff down on my motorbike at one time or another, and I never go anywhere without a couple of bungees in the car… just in case. But now I have a new companion in the car, shed and attic in the form of Nite Ize Gear Ties.

Health and Safety gone sane!

Some of you may be able to picture those foam-covered hair rollers, or a bendy rubber toy with posable arms. Well, the Gear Ties work the same way, with a very tough but bendy wire running inside a rubberised coating. You can bend and twist and tie and knot these things to your heart’s desire and they stay there until you undo them.

Unlike duct tape or bungees, they’re rigid in length, so you can really cinch things down using the ties, and there’s no stretch, so in the case of the hanging tin of paint, above, you don’t get bounce or a pendulum effect.

I’ve used these 2ft long Gear Ties now to hold a bicycle to a fence, tie up a temporary lantern, strap stuff down to my bike and form a more comfortable carrier-bag handle. Their use is only limited by your imagination.

Hold things... To things!

Unlike bungees, Gear Ties won’t ping up and take out your eye, or fray. They won’t leave a sticky residue like tape, and have no hard metal parts like ratchet straps, which means you can let them make contact with painted surfaces without worry.

Available in a large range of sizes, from dinky 3 inch up to 32 inch, there’s a Gear Tie for pretty much every thing.

SUMMARY: Tie stuff to other stuff without damaging it, or anything else. So easy to use and fun that a child could work them out in seconds. Say good bye cable-ties and hello gear ties.

 Price: Varies depending on size
 More: NiteIze 

  • Joe

    quote: ..a very tough but bendy wire running inside a rubberised coating.

    You mean, like a piece of wire?

    • Imagine a wire with 5x thicker than normal coating, and memory, and yes… that’s the idea.