Niteize Curvyman – Headphone lead organiser thing

Scientists recently discovered the reason why, when you put your iPod in your bag or pocket, after 1.8 nanoseconds the headphone wire intelligently reorganises itself into a knot most often seen holding cruise liners to boatyard docks.

They named this effect stupidbloodyselfknottingwireism and its only known cure is to holster your headphones in the death-grip like that of a Mexican wrestler.
Think of the Curvyman (I see what they did there, but that’s an unfortunate place to put that lower hole guys) as your own portable Mexican wrestler. And next time you’re smugly proud that you no longer need to spend minutes untangling your iPod, and someone in-the-know asks you if that’s Nacho Libre in your pocket, say no… you’re just pleased to see them.
SUMMARY: Simple but effective organiser for your headphones. I’d buy it just for the world’s dinkiest S-shaped carabiner! Tested in my backpack for a week it worked as intended. Only problem I can see is that I quite like the mental stimulation that comes from stupidbloodyselfknottingwireism.
Price: £3.50

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  • DebtMan

    Cool, like it. Need loads though :-/