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Clip onto any cable

Bike lights are a no-brainer for when you’re riding at night, but they do seem to get stolen rather frequently during the day (or maybe I just live in a dodgy area). So it’s refreshing to see that Niteize have made a set of cheap and cheerful lights which clip on and off the bike in a second, and then don’t take up any room in your pocket.

Niteize is one of those companies which sells things that make you think “I wish I’d thought of that”, like the Curvyman, which we reviewed previously. And with the BikeLit they’ve done it again. Less is indeed more in this case, and a very, very simply designed light is both elegant and practical.

Sculpted out of a moderately supple rubbery material, two hooks rise up out of a sphere, and it’s these hooks which you simply bend around either your brake cable (front) or saddle rails (rear), and away you go. The light itself is an extremely bright LED which is encased in a water resistant rubberised dome. To turn it on, you simply squeeze the dome.

Like most bike lights you get two options – Glow (always on) and flash. And it must be said that, although bright, the light from the BikeLit is unfocussed, so they’re more of a ‘be seen’ than ‘see where you’re going’ light.

The rubbery construction means that they’re perfectly safe if you drop them, and the batteries (CR2016) will give you a stated 20 hours on Glow and 25 hours on flash. New batteries can be bought for as little as 39p (it takes two) so that works out at 2.5p per hour.

The BikeLit comes in Red or White flavours, for front and rear use.

At £8 (£14 for a pair), you can buy cheaper lights. But once you factor in the cheap running costs and longevity (there’s nothing to go wrong), these represent a pretty good deal!

SUMMARY: Simple, elegant and effective. These are excellent little lights for any bike. No tools are needed, and they can be removed in a second if needed. They are cheap to run and look pretty indestructible.

Price: £8 (£14 per pair) RRP – I’ve just found them for £9.22 per pair

More info: Niteize

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