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Be seen to be safe is a pretty good rule of thumb when running in the early morning or once the sun’s dipped below the horizon.
And there are a lot of choices around on how you can help make sure you are clocked by motorists, cyclists and other pedestrians.
While high-visibility jackets and armband-mounted flashing lights make for useful attention grabbers it’s probably true to say you can never be too obvious while pounding the pavement.

shoelit package
Nite Ize’s ShoeLit LED Shoe Lights provide a relatively cheap and lightweight addition to the safety-conscious runner’s wardrobe.
Made with a white LED in a water-resistant coloured casing these little lights (which have a 2.5cm diameter) attach to laces with a stainless steel locking gate. A quick twist turns the light – which sadly doesn’t flash – on and off and away you go.

According to its makers, the CR 927 lithium battery should be good for 24 hours of run time and can be replaced.
The lights come in four colours, blue, red, green and pink – I tested two, red and blue with one for each shoe.

Initially I was sceptical that lights on shoes would catch anyone’s attention when running. However, on the first trip out with them I was stopped three times by people either quizzing me on the lights or moving into my path to stare at them goggle-eyed. I even earned the ire of one youngster who told her mum in my earshot that my lights beat the ones on her shoes.

As for the water-resistance, both lights I used survived two accidental trips through the washing machine none the worse for wear and have survived every puddle they’ve been put through – although they’ve yet to experience a true winter downpour.
Super quick and simple to put on, I’ve taken to leaving them on the laces rather than popping them on and off.
And while advertised for use on shoes, I can’t see any reason why they couldn’t be attached to a lapel, sleeve or waistband for additional lighting.

A quick internet search shows these little jewels retailing for around £3.75, pretty cheap in comparison to other armband lights I’ve bought, and far more comfortable to wear.

The light’s certainly bright, but not distracting – if it wasn’t for comments from other people I would have quickly have forgotten I was wearing them. However, despite the bright light – and their crowd-pleasing nature, I wouldn’t opt to wear these at night on their own. But they certainly make a worthwhile and non-invasive addition to the runner’s wardrobe.

4-hammers Price: £3.95 (RRP)

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