Nite Ize – Nite Dawg collar

Sam The Dog – GearWeAre’s standard unit of measurement – is completely black and totally fearless which makes for a tricky combination now that the evenings are dark. He likes nothing better than to bound off into some dark hedge or chase imaginary squirrels across fields and disappear from view, listening to us call his name as he smirks in an evil villain style at his total domination of the ‘Stupid Humans’.

Staring down a stick (Sam won)

But he’s met his match in the form of Nite Ize’s Nite Dawg collar, which is a battery-operated flexible light stick woven into a hi-viz orange collar.

Set to either flash or emit a steady light, the Nite Dawg produces light from its entire length (bar the buckle) which is great on a long-haired dog like Sam whose fur covers up small LEDs on cheaper collars.

Running off a standard Lithium battery (2032 size) it lasts for a reputed 100 hours and the light it emits is enough to be seen across a small field with ease.

The on-off button is weatherproof and easy to push. Nite Ize have housed it inside the webbing collar so it can’t get snagged on anything or easily damaged.

In principle the collar is adjustable for a 3-inch sizing, but in practice because it has a pencil-thick light tube inside the webbing it this isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. It is possible, but not for those of you with limited hand dexterity. There are, however, a range of sizes available.

Using it as an everyday collar is possible due to the tough nylon buckle and generously sized metal D-ring (for attaching a lead).

SUMMARY: If you have a dark-coloured dog, or are going out at night then the Nite Ize Nite Dawg is the best glowing collar I’ve yet seen. It’s far easier to spot on a long-haired dog than collars which use small LEDs and it’s just about tough-enough to be an every-day collar. Only downside is that it’s a little difficult to adjust.

 Price: £12
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