Nite Ize – HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount

Some might say the simplicity of this product belies its fabulous function: but just holding a Smartphone in place on your bike’s handlebars is actually quite simple it seems.

Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount

When I took a first look at the HandleBand I wasn’t convinced it was clever enough to hold my shiny new iphone in place however. Whilst it looks robust enough as a product, and it feels quite heavy duty and so in theory it should be tough enough for the challenge, I just wasn’t convinced.

Basically I value my iPhone too much to have risked it… so I opted to test the HandleBand out with my old defunct iPhone instead.

And perhaps therein lies a problem for the product’s manufacturers, namely Nite Ize. Who is going to trust anything to hold an expensive phone in place in a very vulnerable place?

Taking that consideration one stage further: who would want to have their Smartphone tied on to the handlebars of their bike, in full public glare, easily snatchable-offable?

And who would want to have their Smartphone tied on to the handlebars of their bike, exposed to all weathers and road conditions, and to stones and mud flying up, and maybe even to a crash?

However, before we further ponder the usability of the HandleBand let’s look at the product’s features.

So… it holds your Smartphone on the handlebars of your bike.

Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount

That’s really it’s one and only feature. And, in fairness to the product it holds it in place very, very well.

The HandleBand is so easy to fit on your handlebars that even I managed it first time. And I haven’t got the patience let alone the wherewithal for anything fiddly and technical.

It has a very robust double rubber band that stretches round your Smartphone and holds it in place very tightly. And the metal clippie bits that are integral to the HandleBand’s holding and remaining in place functionality are seemingly high grade and well manufactured.

Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount

So all in all, this product simply works.

But I have to refer back to my earlier musing. Who would want this? I wouldn’t use it because I’m always at risk of taking a muddy corner too fast up the forest, or forgetting to unclip at traffic lights.

My nephew, who’s virtually a pro rider with a bike saddle welded to his bum at all times, says he wouldn’t use it because he has his own handlebar mounted heart rate monitor thingy instead. My husband says he won’t use it because he doesn’t take his Smartphone out when riding for fear of it getting smashed. And my mum has said she won’t use it when pootling to the shops for fear that someone might steal her phone.

So… the Nite Ize HandleBand is a well made, well designed, simple product that works. But I don’t honestly know who’d use it.

3-hammers Price: £16.95
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