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Like a scene from a low-rate zombie movie; six shuffling, barely coherent, smelly bodies emerged from tents and formed a spontaneous circle around me, shouting ‘mine’ and raising their arms in expectation.

It was extraordinary. We’d spent a week together, camping through Wales, and engaged in very little actual activity other than poking fires and washing never-ending dishes, so to see the whole group get up and engage in throwing a flying disc (I can’t call it a Frisbee, since that’s a Trademark of Wham-O, so you’ll have  to bear with me on the Flying Disc thing, OK) was quite unprecedented.

During the day time, some of the group regarded throwing a flying disc to each other in a 100ft wide circle as the preserve of naturists, weirdoes and the German, but thanks to the Nite Ize Flashflight’s translucent plastic construction, and in-built LED light, come the hours of dusk the game is transformed into something hilarious and challenging.

Watching it in flight is awesome

I’d been throwing the Flashflight for my dog all week, in a vague effort to test its ruggedness, and it had survived unscathed. It is a pretty heavily moulded disc and is easy to throw and solid to catch. It’s not the kind of disc that will fly for miles, but we were easily achieving 50ft with a fair degree of accuracy.

The central light is a simple push-on/off LED, as used in Nite Ize’s excellent Bike Lit and Spoke Lit lights. The sample we had gave off a blue light which was barely perceptible in daylight, but very bright indeed at night. In fact, as it became pitch black, the light from the Flashflight was perhaps too bright – you had trouble seeing who you were throwing to after looking down to pick up the disc.

During the day, it's less blinding

Summary: If you want a simple, unbreakable and lightweight toy for kids and adults to enjoy then the Flashflight ticks every box. It brought together a group of beer and camping addled friends for a hilarious and fun evening in a field. And it looks damn cool just waved around at night.

Price: varies from £19-45 online
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More info: Nite Ize

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  • andy

    I can’t believe you didn’t talk about the expert hiding. otherwise you review gets 5 stars and a gin coming out of my nose.

  • andy

    I hereby confirm that this is AWESOME fun 🙂

  • Anne

    What a brilliant idea, looks great fun, bit of a hefty price tag though!

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