Nite Ize – DoohicKey Key Tool

Hello to everyone in Gear Land, my name is Paul and I like to call myself a gear/gadget man. I am an engineer, I love tools and I’m a camping enthusiast so I hope you all find this review helpful. I have been using the DoohicKey multitool made by Nite Ize.

doohickey package

Made of durable stainless steel, the Nite Ize DoohicKey features half-dozen tools that do everything from tighten bolts and screws to open a bottle of refreshment, all in a simple key tool that fits in the palm of your hand. On one end of the Doohickey is a sturdy karabiner clip, allowing you to attach keys to it, or attach the DoohicKey itself to any loop or ring. Opposite the clip is an etched ruler for on-the-spot measurements and the karabiner opening is strategically shaped to function as a wrench. On the other end, the DoohicKey features a bottle opener, a flat head screwdriver, and a box cutter.

I’ve been using the tool for a few weeks now, having it clipped to my car keys via the karabiner which I found very handy, its light and sturdy construction makes it easy to store on your keyring along with your keys without worrying about it getting bent in your pocket or falling off the karabiner.


The first thing I used was the bottle opener, unfortunately I found it a bit uncomfortable and awkward to open the bottle, the opener itself fits nicely on to the cap but because it’s positioned the same side as the karabiner it makes it a bit awkward to get a comfortable grip on the tool to lever the cap off. However it does work and if you have a desperate thirst and are in need of an opener then you will be happy to have the DoohicKey handy.

On the opposite end to the bottle opener is a flat head screwdriver and box cutter. The screwdriver fits nicely into a flat headed screw and as long as the screw hasn’t been done up by Arnold Schwarzenegger then undoing it is fairly easy. One side of the screwdriver has been ground to a blunt point to be used as a box cutter, or in my case scoring plastic Cordex. Now the Cordex is easy to fold one way but ordinarily nearly impossible to fold the other way, but not with the DoohicKey, as seen in the photo (below) you’ll see that I managed to score a line and was able to fold the Cordex with nothing but ease – thank you Nite Ize.

L: Box cutter making it's way through the Cordex like butter R: Flathead screwdriver
L: Box cutter making its way through the Cordex like butter R: Flat head screwdriver

On one side we have an easy to read etched rule, one side is in inches (imperial) and the other is millimeters (metric) I found this good enough for a rough measurement but when compared next to my engineer’s rule its slightly out according to my millimeters and the same can be said about the inches… but we aren’t using it for precise measurements are we?

doohickey bolt

Last on the list is the wrench or spanner; these are also marked in imperial sizes which is OK, but here on this little island we tend to use millimeters. I tried using the wrench on a M5 nut and bolt and the 3/8 notch seemed to fit adequately. Again it’s probably only really useful if you need to tighten or loosen a nut that has only been nipped up, I say this only because of the size of the DoohicKey and therefore the ability to hold the tool well enough to get a good purchase on the nut.

Overall the Nite Ize DoohicKey multitool is very handy gadget to use if you absolutely have nothing else with you at the time, it’s great to hang on your key ring or on your rucksack for those ‘just in case’ situations which we’ve all had – whether you are out in the field camping or parked up in a layby trying to fix something, mine will certainly be staying on my keyring.


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