Nite Ize – Dog Discuit

Nite Ize’s Flashflight glowing frisbee-type flying disc won our Gear of The Year Award because of its remarkable ability to get even the most lazy, beer-addled bikers up and playing like kids in a large field. It’s a brilliant product, and the Dog Discuit is a smaller, more dog-friendly version for our canine buddies.

See Spot Fly!

At roughly 8-inches in diameter, the Discuit is made from a very tough, slightly rubbery plastic which has resisted doggy teeth extremely well, despite a bit of a chewing. There are minor indentation marks here and there, but a more rigid disc would have cracked and potentially caused harm SamTheDog’s mouth by now.

The top edge of the Discuit has a set of ridges which make it easier to throw when it’s coated in a layer of dog slobber, and presumably easier for pooch to catch too.

Unlike the Flashflight, the Discuit has a large protective plastic cover over the battery and LED, to stop any parts coming loose and being swallowed by fido. It’s actually extremely difficult to remove, so I have every confidence that it would survive a good mauling.

The Discuit flies straight and fast, and isn’t too heavy so it makes a good human throw & catch disc too.

SUMMARY: The Dog Discuit makes playing with your dog on these dark evenings as easy as in Summer. The light is bright enough to see from a long way away and the disc has proven dog-proof enough for my recommendation.

 Price: £13
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Funniest. Photo. Ever.
  • Mary Chick

    My dog destroyed this disc with the second catch he grabbed the light casing in the air it popped right off very unsafe