Nilaqua – No Rinse wash and shampoo

A curious thing happened last week when I found myself staying in a campervan for a couple of nights where there was no running water available. I genuinely can’t remember when the last time I didn’t have a tap, stream or rain on hand was, but on this occassion I had been fortunate enough to be sent a set of No Rinse Body Wash and Shampoo by Nilaqua.

The shampoo and body wash come in 200ml bottles (you can get small bottle for airline travel) which would strike me as enough for 1-2 weeks’ of generous use depending on how well you washed. The principle ingredient in both is water so when you lack other sources of water all you do is squeeze a squirt of the No Rinse on to your flannel and give yourself a good rub over.

Nilaqua also supplied me with some expandable wipes which are extremely compressed into pellets and spring in to life like excited marshmallows when they get wet, expanding in to a wet-wipe sized towel.

The body wash is scented with something familiar and hygienic smelling that I can’t quite put a finger on. It isn’t too chemically though, which is pleasant. The process of lathering yourself up in the same place as you just slept is a little odd at first, but the action of scrubbing with the towel does actually feel quite cleansing in the morning. Top tip – stick them in a drybag and keep them somewhere warm like your sleeping bag or you’ll be wiping with a cold liquid and that’s less than pleasant.

There’s something psychological about stepping in to a shower or bath which you don’t get with No Rinse and a flannel, but if you can put that aside you do end up cleaner and a darn site better smelling than before you washed. I tested this theory over the last 3 days of a very busy trade show where I never once felt dirty or smelly, and nobody actively avoided me.

One thing of note is that the Body Wash is safe to use on ‘Perineal Areas’, which is to say that you can happily use it on your sweaty gentleman’s vegetables or scented lady garden without it leaving a burning itch or frothing up into bubbles when you next break a sweat. Handy.

The No Rinse Shampoo is a slightly different beast and served two purposes for me. Firstly it definitely took the edge off my greasy hair, making it feel less manky. Secondly, and more importantly, the application of a little water and a really good scrubbing made my morning-hair – which sometimes scares children – able to be styled and conformed as normal.

The No Rinse Shampoo is scented with a quite strong apple fragrance which, whilst disguising the fact that last night you were in a bar, can leave you craving Haribo all morning.

However, unlike the Body Wash, I didn’t find that the Shampoo left my hair AS clean as a proper shower. It was acceptable as a stop-gap, but I really did look forward to a proper hair wash.

If you’re planning on going to a festival, or travelling where there may not be water, or even if you’re just terrified of those cold, spider-infested shower blocks that haunt so many campsites, then take a look at Nilaqua’s range of No Rinse washes.

SUMMARY: Got no water on hand and smell like a tramp’s pocket? Covered in god-knows-what and got beer in your hair? Have a look at Nilaqua’s shampoo and body wash which is a pretty good stopgap between you and the nearest shower, and priced nice and low too.


  • Chi Warrior

    After reading your review I went and bought some and have to say it is amazing! I took it with me on a hiking weekend up in snowdonia and it allowed me to wash effectively in my tent, which helped as i was so tired I really couldn’t be bothered to move in the evening. I will also be taking some to festivals in the summmer!

  • fatemeh

    Hi there,
    I cannot find the list of ingredients of this product. Are you still using it and could you list them please.
    Many thanks,

    • Sorry, it’ s long gone. Contact the manufacturer for a list of ingredients (link on the review).