Nilaqua – No Rinse Dog Shampoo

Coming home after an extended period of being away is when that ‘doggy’ smell hits you. Normally you don’t really notice it unless your hairy friend is damp or has rolled in something unspeakable, but it’s definitely there and most of your friends are probably too polite to mention it.

And unless you like bathing fully-clothed and decorating the house in small shaken droplets of suddy water, bathing a reluctant dog isn’t always the easiest thing either.

Step in Nilaqua with their no-rinse pet shampoo which is basically a small bottle of water and magic cleaning ingredients that you can pour onto your hands and then give your dog a good scruffle to clean. And if your dog is particularly traumatised by the long-road upstairs to the bathroom, this could be a way forward because you can do it anywhere. I did it on the wife’s best rug and she’ll never know!

Smelling like a heavily scented bubblegum, SamtheDog seemed perplexed by the experience. It was, I’d imagine, somewhere between the attention he so craves and a little bit confusing. You could see it in his eyes; why I was rubbing fruity liquid all over him when I normally try to dissuade him from doing such things was clearly beyond him, but nevertheless he stood still in the middle of the living room for his shower this morning.

Like the human equivalent, what the Nilaqua shampoo does is strip the grease and smells from the hair and then transfer the dirt to your towel as you dry off. This leaves the dog’s coat feeling and smelling a darn site nicer than eau de muddy puddle. What the Nilaqua doesn’t do is form a substitute for a damn good garden hosing after pooch has rolled in something evil, or remove mud. But as far as just normal doggy smells go, the Nilaqua does a pretty good job.

The formulation is hypo-allergenic, and apparently can also be used on horses!

Price: £5
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