Nikwax – SkitoStop Insect Repellent

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Nikwax – SkitoStop Insect Repellent

Wait. What? Nikwax make waterproofing stuff, right?

Well, yes, and they also make a range of mosquito (and other insect) repellents called SkitoStop, which we’ve been trying out in the last couple of weeks.

Mosquitos are the world’s most deadly creature – although to be fair our testing ground in Surrey probably isn’t rife with malaria or dengue fever – and as such the need to persuade the little biting buggers that you’re the last thing on tonight’s menu they want to chomp on is pretty important.

The long-standing king of the repellents is DEET, which is a very nasty thing indeed. Some people are allergic to it, it can eat in to plastic-based clothing and it can counteract your sunscreen. I’m more a fan of alternatives to DEET and the SkitoStop falls in to that group.

The three items we have on test are SkitoStop (Insect Repellent), SkitoStop (After Sun with Repellent) and SkitoStop (Bite Relief Gel). And we couldn’t think of a better way to test than to treat half our bodies with the repellent and leave half untreated on an evening out in a mosquito-ridden woodland.

Well, as far as the un-scientific test went, SkitoStop seems to work pretty well. The uncovered half of my body, in particular my shoulder and arm – which were really, really sweaty that evening – have multiple bites and itchy bits. The treated side has a single bite on my arm. Coincidence? Maybe, but the suggestion is pretty strong that it works.

The ingredients to the SkitoStop repellent seem to read like a who’s who of scented oils and indeed it’s smell, which is a pleasant but pungent floral affair, suggests the same.

The Repellent comes in a squirty pump which sprays evenly and rubs in very quickly. The After Sun is a more milk-like substance, with a bit more of a thick consistency, but again it rubs in very quickly.

Both bottles I have here are 100ml, which means they’re airline friendly and you don’t have to wait for your checked baggage to arrive whilst being bitten to bits at Lagos Airport.

SUMMARY: DEET free mosquito and other insect repellents in handy squirty bottles. A fairly pleasant fragrance which doesn’t make your eyes water. Seems to work pretty well in our unscientific test.

 Price: From £6
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