MSR launches award winning WindBoiler stove

The new WindBoiler stove from MSR (Mountain Safety Research) gives outdoor enthusiasts the excellent wind protection of the  alpinist Reactor Stove System with the user friendliness of a convenient, compact system for weekend backpackers. The result is a stove that offers easy use, super speedy boil times, and impressive fuel efficiency.

MSR WindBoiler stove2

The WindBoiler has an ultra-efficient radiant burner which combined with its enclosed design allows it to operate flawlessly in cold and windy conditions where other stoves slow or even fail, so you will not be left gasping for a cup of tea.

The fast boil times mean less fuel consumption, and therefore you need to lug less fuel with you, we count that as a double win! In a 12mph (19kph) wind, it boils in a mere 2:45 minutes, while the competition fails to boil, no matter the amount of fuel used. Apparently they even tested it in a 90kph wind and it still worked!

The construction of the stove also restricts flames from burning the insulated cozy and handle, we’re told – even in strong winds. Built for up to two backpackers, the system features an intuitive, easy-to-use handheld design and the pot twists onto the burner for a secure, non-slip fit.

The integrated bowl allows those who like to travel light to comfortably cook and serve enough food for two people. The WindBoiler’s clear BPA-free lid plays triple duty: it features a strainer, a drinking lid, and is coffee press compatible, so no need to miss out on your caffeine fix.

MSR WindBoiler stove1

MSR offers a handful of accessories to use with this stove, they include the 1 litre Accessory Pot, a Coffee Press Kit, and the a hanging kit.

If all of that isn’t enough to convince you to go and take a peak, the stove won a 2014 OutDoor Industry Award at last weeks event in Friedrichshafen. The stove was one of three winners in the camping equipment category, The jury recognized the WindBoiler system for its’ “outstanding degree of innovation, functionality, and trendsetting character.”

The new MSR WindBoiler Personal Stove System and accessories will be available in stores in November this year.

Price: £110.00 (RRP)

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  • James

    How much wind is required to blow it over? (Those burners always look very top heavy)

    • This is just a first look review – we haven’t had one in to test yet as it’s a new product. Once we get our hands on one we’ll put it through the usual GWA testing process and see if we can answer your question.

  • Mark

    What’s the difference between this and the reactor 1L?

    • Without having done a proper test on the Windboiler, the differences look like:
      – Pot versus mug type handles
      – different lid styles
      – heat jacket on windboiler mug
      – windboiler looks taller and narrower in pics