Mountain Fuel – Morning fuel breakfast sachet

What the pack looks like

I love those early-morning breakfasts you sometimes get, where it’s cool and crisp and you’re all alone at a campsite or on the trail. Just you, the weather and 3.5 billion friendly bacteria sharing the moment. And if my old Granny was to be believed, breakfast is the most important meal of the day (although, clearly she had never had a double-bacon-pizza for dinner – that’s pretty damned important).

The chaps at Mountain Fuel have packaged up a range of sustenance in powder form, which you mix with either hot or cold water (or milk, if you’re feeling decadent) and chow down to give you a hike’s worth of nutrients to keep your internal engine firing.

I tried out the Morning Fuel today, which is an oat based porridge concoction. Now, I won’t lie and say that I was a huge fan of the texture of the Morning Fuel. It was a bit gluey. But, it tasted OK – like a sweet porridge with sugar instead of syrup. I made it in a large mug and ended up using a spoon to eat it with, rather than drink it down. And as a side note, it’ll take more than a swig of water to wash any cup/bowl out.

I feel full-up and energised a couple of hours later. I’ve taken the dog for a couple of miles’ walk and am not gagging for a burger, so I guess it works OK as a filler-up.

Mountain Fuel put a lot of effort in to filling their products with the right sorts of ingredients. Here’s a list of what’s in the Morning Fuel, which may mean more to you than to me:

Ingredients and stuff

SUMMARY: It’s powdered porridge with lots of useful sugars, friendly bacteria, fibre and protein. It tastes OK, if you like sweet porridge, and it fills you up. The pack is waterproof and lightweight, so maybe good for trail use.