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It’s 7am, dark and there’s a heavy frost outside. You just know that scraping the ice off your car windows so you can drive to work is going to be the coldest and cruelest wake-up call you imagine, and why hasn’t anyone invented heated steering wheels yet?

Unless you have developed ninja-like scraping skills whereby you don’t end up with ice-covered white knuckles, you’ll be needing a decent everyday glove, and here I think I’ve found one.

There’s nothing particularly clever or exciting about Mountain Equipment’s Touch Glove – it doesn’t have fancy fastenings, textured fingertips* or touchscreen compatibility, but it does appear to be well-made and warm.

The Touch Glove is made from Polartec’s “Polar Power Stretch” fabric, which is basically a combination of stretchy outer material and a fleecy inner layer. It’s a windproof fabric, and the fleecy inner layer pulls any sweat away from your hands and lets it evaporate, which keeps them toasty.

The gloves are made in what’s called a Box construction, which is to say that the fingers are 4-sided, not made from flat sheets. This makes sure that the material isn’t too stretched when you wear it, with the trade-off that each finger has 4 sewing seams inside it. Unfortunately, the material is quite thick and you can feel these seems. You get used to it after a while but it’s not immediately comfortable.

The double-thickness cuff and elasticated wrist work well to keep out draughts and rain, and although the glove isn’t waterproof, the Polartec material works OK at keeping your hands warm when the gloves do get wet. They dry off quickly, which is a bonus.

And lastly, the thumb has an extra section of material at its tip which helps keep it a snug fit and works surprisingly well to help you pinch things – very useful.

SUMMARY: The Mountain Equipment Touch Gloves are a decent, well-made soft glove. They would be suitable for basic activities or ones where you don’t need to use your hands (no grips) or even everyday wear. They look good, feel warm and cosy and after an initial gripe about such raised seams inside the glove I soon wasn’t aware of them. If you need something waterproof, look elsewhere. Available in 4 sizes each for Men and Women, and not too badly priced. A decent package which fits like the proverbial…


*They do a version with grippy fingers called the Touch Grip Glove

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  • Arabella B

    As you state, these are nothing special if you need to grab hold of rocks but they do keep you warm and are fashionably black so fulfill a myriad of style dilemas!