Mophie – Juice Pack mobile phone booster

You ought to know that my iPhone is part of my arm. I’m obsessed. When I can’t play on it, it’s waiting patiently in my pocket until the next time I’m free. Unfortunately this love affair is always too short lived, as after 12 or so hours of emails, web surfing, and most importantly, the Top Gear Stunt School app, I start getting the dreaded battery low warnings…. Not good when I’m out walking the dog in the middle of a woodland.

So what did I do? I spared myself the lonesome trip home, and invested in a mophie Juice Pack Air to see if it could get me, and my beloved phone, feeling less flat. The first thing I noticed was the size. It nearly doubles the depth on a 4/4S and adds just over 1cm to the depth.

Juicy! Not the exact model that Shane tested, but close

The extra weight you feel at first but soon get used to it. If you too are an iPhone addict, it feels a little strange when first using it. I found that when typing, the letters are a few millimetres away from where you expect them to be to press on screen, having become used to extreme speed touch typing, due to the extra 2mm around the edges.

The case feels well built and the red one I have has a nice matt finish. The product is also available in black and white, however I have heard from a few friends that opted for the white one that the case plastic isn’t as good quality as the red and black models…. but until I see it myself it’s just a rumour.

You charge it via a micro USB cable (supplied in the box) that also allows you to sync via your PC/Mac. The nice touch is that you can plug the USB straight into your Apple wall charger to allow you charge without a computer, a big plus for me.

Like GWA Andy, I too believe that if you have to read the instructions then the person designing it got paid too much, and thankfully the Juice Pack is definitely a “plug and play” bit of kit. It has two buttons on it, one on the bottom to show you how much charge is left in the case, and the other on the side is the on/off switch for the charging. However, after reading the manual (purely for editorial purposes!), I found out that you get more from the battery pack by keeping it off when charged, rather than running direct from the case when at 100% on your phone.

The vents at the bottom make the speaker louder than before, and the recess for the buttons make it near impossible to accidentally put the iPhone on silent.

SUMMARY: The mophie Juice Pack is a very well made case/battery pack. It looks and feels great, and pretty much doubles your battery life. The RRP is £59.95 which seems a lot when you consider it’s 1500mAh alongside the Power Monkey Explorer’s 2200mAh for £65… It’s a lovely bit of kit but personally, I would still go for the Power Monkey in order to keep my beloved iphone small, sleek, and beautiful as Apple intended.

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