Merrell – Capra Bolt Mid

We got a puppy recently – she is now 5 months old and full of energy, and loves to be outside exploring. Of course, we have to take her out in all weathers, but as I look at the collection of footwear piled up by our door, with the dog running about willing me to take her out I sometimes struggle to choose which footwear I want to wear. There are big, heavy, clumpy boots and nice lightweight trainers.

The Merrell Capra Bolt Mid boots have been great for those times when I wanted something more akin to a shoe than a boot, but when I wanted a little bit more than a shoe.

merrell capra bolt2

They are light enough that you don’t feel as though you are wearing a boot. Combined with the flexibility of the sole, these mid boots have been a good selection as the drier, warmer summer days come around. Whilst the sole is flexible, it also offers a bit more stability than your average trail shoe allowing a bit more support and stability when needed.

These are a fairly standard fabric boot, with breathability provided by Gore-Tex. Even when caked in mud they have kept my feet comfortable (though I’ve not yet had the opportunity to try them out in the blazing heat).

They’ve been caked in mud, dragged through long grass and splashed through puddles after the dog and my feet have yet to get wet – including unpleasantly from sweat!

merrell capra bolt

Over the last few months of excited puppy walking, these have proved to be a good match for gentle walks through the park, and low rolling hills of Derbyshire. The laces have even survived 3 months of being in a house with a puppy who loves shoes!

4-hammersPrice: £125
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  • Joshua Thomson

    Have got a pair of Capra myself as i wanted to go towards playing around in trail runner shoes, however im a little stuck in my ways and refuse to wear what are in my eyes trainers, so these are an awesome go between, waterproof and lightweight with some of the underfoot support you want from boots