McNett – Tenacious Tape repair tape

Subtle orange colour

Whether it’s repairing a torn tent, patching a ripped backpack or keeping the rain out of a slashed waterproof jacket, there’s one thing which I’ve used for years as an on-trail repair is McNett’s awesome Tenacious Tape.

It’s a very, very sticky polyurethane coated tape (what most modern tents are made from) which comes on a roll 7.5cm wide and 50cm long. When you get a tear or rip in anything which needs to keep the elements out, you simply cut a bit off the roll and stick it on.

And it stays stuck, like an over friendly dog on a house-guest’s leg, until you deliberately prize it off with some force. Unlike the alternative, duct tape, Tenacious Tape doesn’t leave a nasty sticky residue when you do peel it off.

I’ve used Tenacious Tape to repair a ripped tent groundsheet, a torn drybag and even a cracked motorcycle fairing and it has held strong. I’ve not had to go back and effect a ‘permanent’ repair on any of the things which it has fixed, staying waterproof and firmly attached after months of use.

Tenacious Tape is available in a number of colours, (black, green, grey, blue, white) and also a clear version which doesn’t have the fabric backing and is great for repairs on Vinyl (tent windows, airbeds).

It comes in screw-open plastic container to keep it clean. The container doubles as an excellent pound-coin holder or sewing kit holder if you’re in to minimalist carrying.

SUMMARY: McNett Tenacious Tape is my camping and repair tape of choice. It’s very sticky and holds firm in wet, cold or hot weather. It’s waterproof and could save many a garment or tent which otherwise would be destined for the bin.