Mammut – Packing List App for iPhone/iPod

“Pass the cucumber would you Muz”
“Cucumber. For the Pimms please mate.”
“What cucumber?”
“The cucumber I asked you to bring for the Pimms. The green one. The long green one, shaped like a cucumber.”
“I don’t have a cucumber!”
“But we agreed, you’d bring the cucumber”
“No we didn’t!”
“How the hell am I meant to enjoy this rural English idyll, this perfect summer’s evening, this midge-free dell of perfect tranquillity, lush grass and warm air without a bloody cucumber to slice and put in my Pimms!? For the love of all things holy. I’m going home.”

When the small things on any trip are the important ones, it often pays to have a packing list. And especially if there’s more than one of you going on any trip it makes sense to share that list. So Mammut (the Swiss brand who makes rather tasty climbing and expedition gear) has developed an App for iPhone & iPod which allows you to do just that.

It’s a free app and it’s pretty small, so it’s quick to download. You need to register with Mammut so you can share you list, but once you’ve done that it’s then very straightforward and intuitive to create, alert and share any list.

You get given a choice of several template lists compiled by some of Mammut’s ‘Professional’ sponsorees (pro climbers and gnarly expedition types with beards) to start from, and I chose ‘Hiking/camping’ and then ‘Overnight camp’.

You’re given a very comprehensive starting list, some of which might be way over-specced for your average weekend away, but it’s easy and quick to delete items you don’t need.

Then you simply either tick them off, or share them with your travelling partners. When one of you updates the list, they all update, so you’re always aware who has the cucumber, or not.

You can see in the first picture that Muz clearly had responsibility for the cucumber on this occasion, and that I packed the cups, Pimms and Lemonade. Easy peasy.

The App store page itself is in German, but only one German word has sneaked its way into the actual app, fear not.

It’d be nice if this list was exportable, emailable or downloadable to a PC. And you’re sort of restricted by each member needing an iPhone or iPod Touch in order to use the app. But as for what it says on the tin, it works pretty well.

SUMMARY: Mammut’s Packing List App is a handy, free app for iPhone/iPod users to create, share and manage lists of things to take on not just expeditions, but any sort of trip. The default lists are pretty gnarly, but they’re easily editable and the interface is quick and intuitive. It’s let down slightly by lack of being able to export lists, and is limited to iPod/iPhone (no mention of iPad). Other than that though, it’s quite a cool little app.

Price: Free
From: App Store (German, but App is in English)
More info: Mammut