Mammut – Nova Advanced High II GTX Boots

The Mammut Nova Advanced High II GTX are my first foray into Mammut gear. My trusty Berghaus were promptly shoved unceremoniously into a corner when the box arrived, and I’ve been taking them for a test drive ever since.
The first thing that struck me on opening the box is the material. It’s doesn’t look like leather or suede, but neither is it your standard synthetic fabric finish. Instead it’s actually Nubuck and Velours Leather, which I felt initially looked a little fake, due to its ‘sanded’ finish but a couple of muddy walks later they bedded in to look far more ‘normal’.
My test pair came in the coffee and lemon finish, which is fairly subtle but smart looking at the same time.(also available in ‘graphite and aloe) They’re Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lined too, so the boots are that lovely combination of breathable and waterproof that British weather demands. This particular flavour of Gore is designed to give good breathability for longer-term wear (i.e. all-day boots), and it works pretty well.
The second thing that struck me, which the name should really have given away, is that these are high boots – lacing up way up past my ankle bones and thus giving tonnes of extra support. The ankles are especially snug and comfy due to a memory-foam layer. The high ankle of the boot will cause a little more heat than a low- or mid-boot though.
As modern boots so often are these days, these are comfortable straight out of the box, though if, like me, you aren’t used to the extra ankle support, that part might take a bit of getting used to. A couple of walks in though, and they feel natural and super supportive. The sliding lacing system includes an elasticated hook at the ankle, proving additional flexiblility and comfort.
The soles are chunky Vibram efforts called the ‘Scale sole’ – grippy and sturdy, giving you loads of confidence to tramp through boggy, rutted and rocky terrain without concern. And the sole is designed to encourage a rolling motion, which is meant to be a more natural way to walk. Difficult to tell when they’re such supportive boots, but it’s certainly comfy in use.
Overall, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about – these are lovely, comfortable boots with oodles of support. Perfect for walking over rough terrain!
4-hammersPrice: £165
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