Mammut – Burny torch

Look at it! It’s so cute! And they’ve named it Burny; Awwww. Don’t you wish you had Burny in your stocking this Christmas?

Next to a £2 coin, Burny shows his size

Burny is the new ’emergency’ light from Mammut, the Swiss climbing specialists. It’s designed to be a bit of a Jack of all trades light which can suffice as a standalone light, or as a backup during trail activities.

Weighing in at 20g, which is about the same as a mouse-fart, Burny takes two cell batteries and can be stashed in a pocket until he’s needed.

Burny is equipped with three light-modes:
White, whereby two bright LEDs pump out 12 Lumen of fairly broadly focussed light that Mammut claim can be used up to 12 metres from the source. I’d say that practically it’s a little less than this, but you’re easily able to walk in Burny’s light on an otherwise dark night.
Red, with a single red LED, which is perfect for map-reading and preserving night vision.
Red flashing, with the same red LED sending out a signal which Mammut say can be seen from 500m. (Only if you’re pointing at whoever’s looking for you!)

The burn times for Burny are quite impressive; 60h for the white light and then 90h and 160h for the red light continually and flashing. You can’t get rechargable CR2032 batteries, so you’re looking at £2 for a new set, which by my reckoning is 16p per hour to run Burny.

One Light Fits All

Burny comes with a plastic clip, which is suitable for attaching him to garments and straps. He also has a bungee cord, which means he can be attached to poles or bicycle parts, which is in keeping with his one-light-fits-all design. The same bungee has a toggle with which you should be able to open the battery compartment. My battery compartment is so well sealed, however, that the toggle just shredded itself. Best to use a 2p coin the first time then!

SUMMARY: For £15, the Mammut Burny is a really cool piece of emergency kit for hikers, bikers or campers. It’s adaptable to loads of different uses and has an impressive run time. It’s very light, waterproof and stylish. If the battery compartment wasn’t such a sod to open, it’d get top marks.

 Price: £14.50
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