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Sometimes you see something, that quite literally stops you in your tracks, and in this instance made me go ‘wow, that’s ruddy brilliant!’ This happened as I walked past the Mamalila stand at the Outdoor trade show in Frierichschafen. Mamalila was founded by Vicki Marx, and they make ‘babywearing’ jackets.

Baby..err…what? Well it’s such a simple design idea, but beautifully executed. You buy a jacket that looks great as is – indeed all the coats and jackets are beautifully made, but the advantage of a Mamalila jacket is that it will protect you right through pregnancy and on into baby carrying. How..well simple really,  it’s got nifty panels that zip in and out!


Now before I waffle on and get carried away, I should stress that these coats are designed for wearing over a sling or carry system, the jackets itself does not carry the baby. The jackets are suitable for using with children aged 18 months to 2 years. Also the when wearing one of these jackets the baby must face the person, either from or back.

Yup..they’ve also realised that as your baby gets bigger, that it is often more comfortable to carry them on your back, so the Mamlila insert can also be zipped into the back of the jacket.


There are a wide range of jackets for all seasons available from the more urban woollen hooded coat and trench coat to their impressive outdoor range which includes a soft-shell jacket, winter jacket, rain jacket and all weather jacket. The latter of which picked up a coveted ISPO gold award last year.

All of the outdoors range are available in a wide range of colours and are made with an environmentally friendly wind and waterproof membrane from SympaTex, which offers a high level of breathability and have an FC free coating.

Oh and dad’s they haven’t forgotten about you..

mamalila man

You can hear more about Mamlila from Vicki herself in this video:

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  • stef


    could you link me to where these baby wearing jackets are with pricing?

    thank you

    And do you ship to NZ and at what price

    • Hi Stefi,
      We are a gear review site, not a retailer. If you click on the ‘more’ button it will take you to Mamalila’s website & contact info.