Lorpen – All Round Trekker socks

It’s not often that a piece of gear has left me disappointed. Unimpressed, yes. Unconvinced, sometimes. But disappointed. . . That’s a rarity. And I’m afraid that these Lorpen socks came with such a build-up that I was expecting much, much more of them.

Lorpen are a Spanish brand, and whilst they’re one which I’m not overly familiar with, their reputation seems solid and their UK distributor was as pleased as punch to be able to offer them.

Lorpen, Brasher & Bridgedale. Spot which wore out

Their packaging is a thing of beauty, subtle and stylish, allowing you to touch and feel the socks, and extolling the virtues of their three technical ingredients; Coolmax, Tencel and Lycra. They claim to substantially improve wicking action, and moisture management to keep your foot drier and more comfortable. And to be fair, they are very comfortable socks, fitting closely all over the foot and feeling nicely padded in all the right areas.

The All-Round Trekker socks are 3-season, and maximum padded, and have been fine in the British winter under fabric boots. Not quite as warm as woollen socks, but not far off.

Holey moley!

But alas, they are severely let down by their finishing quality and longevity. I don’t think I’ve worn these socks more than a dozen times, and I’m afraid that they’re showing signs of falling to bits.
In this picture I’ve compared the heel section of the Lorpen socks to a similarly aged Brasher woollen sock, and a Bridgedale trekking sock. You can clearly see that the Lorpen has worn away on the heel, leaving no loft at all in places.

And I’m even less impressed by the fact that one of them has developed a large hole in the side of the ankle, I think from a bad construction between two areas of different sewing pattern.

The internal finish on the logo

It’s a shame that they haven’t lasted, because they truly were very comfortable for the few walks that they’ve done. If Lorpen could raise their game on construction and finish, they’d have a great product. And I’m not convinced that I just received a freak pair: the quality of finish on the inside of the logo area, for example, shows that the factory have cut a few corners compared to the likes of Bridgedale.

Summary: Comfortable socks with great credentials, but let down by very poor longevity and build quality. a real shame and disappointment.

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