Look What We Found – Tees Valley Meals

Many moons ago we reviewed some of Look What We Found’s pouch meals and fell in love with them. They’re not traditional ‘camp’ food, in that they don’t need re-hydrating or eating with loads of chilli in order to make them palatable – they’re very tasty indeed straight from the pouch.

Tees Valley Treats

Recently LWWF launched a raft of new pouches, along with a funny series of adverts featuring miniature farmers rolling enormous meatballs around, so they got in touch and asked if we’d like to rekindle the love. We’re always hungry, so we ordered in their entire Tees Valley range.

Made from beef which is all sourced from a farmer named Robin Hirst, who works the land on a country estate called Neasham Grange, the Tees Valley range comprises of 5 delicious beef-based meals:

Beef Casserole
Beef Chilli con Carne
Beef Bolognese
Beef Meatballs
Beef in Black Velvet Ale

Each pouch contains around 250-300g (a small single portion) of rich, homely meals which are enough to fill you up but not make you feel bloated or lethargic. They’re a good portion size for ‘on the go’ meals, but would need an accompaniment if they were to be your main daily meal. I usually team them up with a hunk of bread for dipping purposes.

The pouches are £1.99 a piece (£2.49 for the casserole and £2.99 for the Beef in Black Velvet Ale) and have a shelf-life of a year. They’re pre-cooked in their pouches, so you can eat them without heating if you need to. Otherwise they pour neatly into a 1-litre pot for warming.

I’m a big fan of the ethos of LWWF’s pouches. I love the way that they source from ‘farmer friends’ and package in an interesting way. It helps a lot that each pouch is absolutely tasty and delicious and I find myself wanting every last drop of source.

SUMMARY: Look What We Found make high-quality, very tasty meal pouches that are as good on the trail as they would be served up at home. Not huge portion sizes, but enough to comprise an ‘on the go’ meal and far more interesting to eat than a lot of trail foods. Packs are lightweight and tough, and have a 1-year shelf-life, so they’re ideal for camping or travel.


  • jackie brooking

    had them last night. tried meatballs in gray, delicious
    had roasties and veg and bread to dip. I am diabetic and they were perfect. Thanks Jackie

  • Fern Hume

    these sometimes appear in Sainsburys or Tescos on a BOGOF offer, great to stock up. Use them on the road or camping.

    If you are doing strenuous activity and worried about the low calorie count, then they can be bulked up easily in one pan (ref campers) with couscous and a bit of water.


  • John & pauline Skaife

    We found them very tasty.