Look What We Found – Food Pouches for Camp & Trail

LWWF’s Herdwick Mutton, Lavender & Pearl Barley Risotto (aka my lunch)

You are, quite literally, what you eat. So which would you rather be; laboratory concocted chemical, or hill-bred free-range animal?

Where my food comes from, and how it was treated before it got to my plate is something I find increasingly interesting and important. I’d rather not ingest animals that have never seen daylight or been injected with growth hormones. And I like my vegetables to be interestingly shaped, not optimised for stacking purposes or stored in a strange gas for months to stop them ripening.

So it was with utter delight that I stumbled upon Look What We Found (LWWF) and their range of ‘All Natural’ meals for camping, trail and, well, just about anywhere really.

I’m always slightly uninspired when it comes to campsite cookery. The type of foods which don’t need refrigerating and can be knocked up on a small gas burner don’t usually get the tastebuds tingling and the stomach anticipating their arrival with expectant gurgles, but LWWF’s meals break that mould. They are, without shadow of a doubt, the tastiest meals in a bag I’ve ever ingested.

In fact, it’s probably best that you forget that they’re in a bag altogether. I’d happily serve these to guests at home and pretend I’d been over a hot stove all day.

LWWF sent me 4 samples to test;
Home-reared Beef in Black Velvet Porter with Potatoes
Gloucester Old Spot Meatballs with Butter Beans
Herdwick Mutton, Lavender & Pearl Barley Risotto
Fellside Beef Casserole

Looking through the ingredients of each packet, there’s nothing at all that stands out as scary or nasty; no E-numbers, no preservatives. LWWF can do away with the usual shelf-prolonging nasties because of the way that they prepare the meals. The ingredients for each pack are sealed inside the bag raw and then pressure cooked at very high heat until they become what they say on the label. Then they’re left to cool, labelled and shipped out the door where they will happily live in their hermetically sealed, sterile packets for up to a year. You can even, if you wish, eat them cold and straight out of the packet. LWWF suggest that you heat them though to let out the flavours, and you can do so in the microwave, pan or boil-in-the-bag.

LWWF have a great brand ethos. They use local, sustainable suppliers so as to reduce their energy consumption and emissions, and the fact that they use lightweight packets and no other packaging means that you’re not paying for materials or fuel which you don’t really need to. In fact, the meals start at £1.99 and go up to £3.99 depending on their ingredients. Very reasonably priced indeed considering the quality!

Portion size is pretty good. They’re not massive, but they contain enough calories to keep you warm on a cold day and I’ve only needed to add a slice of bread to make a full-on meal for lunch. Any larger and I think lethargy may have been induced.

I should note that, whilst LWWF do gluten and lactose-free versions of their meals, their vegetarian range is limited. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about that since I’ll readily eat things that went Baa, Moo or Oink (as long as they were happy).

SUMMARY: LWWF makes the tastiest pre-packed meals I’ve ever eaten. The price is great. They last for a year without refrigeration and the ingredients have come from sources where you know you won’t be ingesting loads of nasties. There’s no point in waffling any more – try them yourself, they’re ace.

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  • sue michniewicz

    pretty sure I have seen these in Waitrose…

  • roger mckechnie

    Ief you can’t find them at your local store,you can buy them all from their website http://www.lookwhatwefound.co.uk they deliver virtually anywhere in the UK overnight.

  • Yatesy

    Awesome food. Been eating these while camping/fishing for a year or so, shame my local supermarket only sticks a couple of flavours. The meatballs and butterbeans is aces.

  • Spike

    Great fodder! Get these in my local Booths supermarket. Excellent for trail/camping – or just being downright lazy!

  • Yates

    these are awesome. a staple for me when fishing and camping. to avoid washing up i just heat the pouch up in boiling water.

  • Joe Johnson

    Yeah, I agree. These are great, they sure beat the old rashion packs I used to take camping 🙂