LittleLife – Toddler DaySack

My daughter is a 1 in 7 who owns a LittleLife Toddler Daysack (read the GWA story here) and I wasn’t in the slightest bit surprised to learn that LittleLife sell one of these fabulous little backpacks every 15 minutes – even all through the night!

LittleLife DaySack Full

When I saw a display of beautifully made, eye catching little backpacks at an outdoor store in Ambleside just before Isabella turned 1, I couldn’t resist buying her one for her birthday. I chose the butterfly pack, the design of which has now changed slightly, but only in aesthetic terms.

I can’t imagine LittleLife need do anything at all to their fabulous array of packs other than occasionally change the range of animals available, because the packs themselves are absolutely suitable for purpose already, and to alter them wouldn’t be to improve them in my opinion.


These toddler daysacks are the right size for their intended customer and they are the right capacity for everything a small person needs (2 litres). They are very light to carry when empty (200g max), and the shoulder straps are correctly ergonomically designed for a child and have a chest strap that clips together to hold the pack firmly in place.

The details such as big chunky clips and zips are great for small hands and parents’ hands alike, and the LittleLife toddler daysacks have a very wide opening, making them exceptionally practical for loading, and easy for a child’s sometimes fumbling hands to extract everything from.

LittleLife Toddler DaySack Chest Strap

The toddler specific daysacks also have the additional feature of a clip and rein so that they double up as a safety harness. However, I found the little hanging loop on the top of the pack just as useful for holding Isabella up, or back from traffic when needed. The backpacks are really solidly made so that even though the hanging loop isn’t actually designed for hauling a small child up from a face plant in a puddle, it works well!

In terms of the size and capacity – these are not gimmicky little, impractical bags – these are well crafted, carefully thought out, practical vessels for small people. And it’s well worth mentioning that you cannot really overload this bag in terms of weight because of its relative size, so you don’t need to worry about your child putting it on and tipping over backwards.

Other than that there’s not much else to say. Isabella still takes hers absolutely everywhere, rammed full of snacks, drinks, tissues and favourite soft toy, and it still fits her quite well even though she’s a very tall 3 year old.

I guess if there is 1 downside to these bags it’s the fact that you have to try and keep them clean. You can’t machine or hand wash them, you can only sponge them down if they get a bit manky…which often happens with most things owned by toddlers who have uniquely sticky hands much of the time.